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Didn't compare at offset X,X in stream "Data"


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I have googled/looked in the KB but found nothing satisfactory. Has or has not my data been backed up successfully?


Version 7.



Tom Rix.



- 5/01/2006 4:43:55 p.m.: Copying My Music on Local Disk (D:)

5/01/2006 5:23:16 p.m.: Snapshot stored, 1,176 KB

5/01/2006 5:23:18 p.m.: Comparing My Music on Local Disk (D:)

File "D:\My Music\Aerosmith\Aerosmith - Gold\CD1\13 - Aerosmith - Monkey On My Back.mp3": didn't compare at offset 1,487,491 in stream "Data"

File "D:\My Music\Guns N Roses\Guns N Roses - Greatest Hits\01 - Guns N Roses - Welcome To The Jungle.mp3": didn't compare at offset 105,336 in stream "Data"

File "D:\My Music\Guns N Roses\Guns N Roses - Greatest Hits\04 - Guns N Roses - Paradise City.mp3": didn't compare at offset 1,656,690 in stream "Data"

File "D:\My Music\Led Zeppelin\Led Zeppelin - 4CD Box Set\cd2\10 - Led Zeppelin - Gallows Pole.mp3": didn't compare at offset 5,889,015 in stream "Data"

File "D:\My Music\The Cure\The Cure - Wish\03 - The Cure - Apart.mp3": didn't compare at offset 165,080 in stream "Data"

File "D:\My Music\The White Stripes\The White Stripes - White Stripes\10 - The White Stripes - When I Hear My Name.mp3": didn't compare at offset 921,309 in stream "Data"

5/01/2006 5:55:52 p.m.: 6 execution errors

Completed: 3910 files, 16.5 GB, with 0% compression

Performance: 473.9 MB/minute (433.8 copy, 522.5 compare)

Duration: 01:11:57 (00:00:57 idle/loading/preparing) </pre>

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I've been getting similar compare errors on a few of my .mp3 files generated by ripping my 200+ audio CDs. The BIOS on my Dell computer at one point reported that my internal hard drive was starting to fail, so I installed a new hard drive of the same size, but a different brand, restored everything from the file backup on a removable hard drive, and still got identical errors on the same files when backing up to a new file backup set. I also copied the files to my husband's computer, ran Retrospect separately on that computer and got the same errors. He also gets errors on other .mp3 files on his computer.


Before the hard drive replacement, I restored some of the files from backup, did a byte-by-byte binary comparison, and the files matched perfectly. The .mp3 files also played just fine in Windows Media Player.


I am using Retrospect 5.6.127, Driver Update 3.1.103, Windows XP SP1, 2.2 GHz Pentium IV Dell Dimension 8200; hard drives are EIDE (old-style parallel, not serial). The removable drives are standard EIDE drives placed in Genica Removeable Mobile Media Hard Drive Trays. We have several removeable drives, and get the same errors with all of them. We swap by shutting down the computer, removing the drive tray, and putting in a different one, then starting up again and disabling System Restore on the backup drive.


My husband's computer is a 3.2 GHz Pentium IV Dell Dimension 8400 running Windows XP SP2, same version of Retrospect. His internal hard drive is SATA, and removeable hard drive is parallel EIDE (which, by the way, is very slow on his computer).

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