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Duplicating Discs

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Is there a way to duplicate a disc from within Retrospect?




I read this:






but it isn't an ideal workflow for disc duplication. We use Retrospect to archive (as opposed to backup) our old files. The catalogue size grows over time. As DVDs are somewhat fragile we'd like to duplicate them. So for the first disc, the above set transfer works well enough. But when our catalogue grows to a second disc, we're required to go manually select the files that we added to the first catalogue and then add them to the second duplicate catalogue, before we burn the second disc.




Is there a way to truly duplicate the burned disc? That is using our main catalogue, Retrospect would ask for "Disc 22" and I could put in either the original burn or the duplicate of that burn and Retrospect would still accept it.




If there isn't a way to do this within Retrospect, would a stand alone, headless, disc-to-disc, burner allow for this?

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