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How to backup with 2 drives


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Hi Folks -


I've been using a Maxtor One Touch drive and backing up my system incrementally with Retrospect Professional 7 for a little over a year. The drive has filled up, and grooming did not do what I wanted so I bought a second drive.


What I want to do is leave my first drive intact, and start backing up on my second drive. I want to do a full backup on the second drive, and then start doing daily incremental backups on the second drive without disturbing the first drive. I want to be able to restore old files from either the first or the second drive.


When the second drive fills up, I want to be able to erase the entire first drive, and start all over again with that one.


In other words, I want each drive to stand on it's own, with full restore capabilities from each. I don't want to add additional drive space to the first backup so that I need both drives for a restore, and I want to be able to restore from either drive.


Right now, they are both connected to my system as separate drive letters.


Could someone be kind enough to guide me toward setting my system up the way I want?


Do I need to make another backup set, or just continue this backup set to a different drive, and if so, how do I do that? I'm a little confused here.


Thanks to anyone that can help.


-- Bill

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thanks for the info on using two drives, I am currently having a problem with a similar approach using three of the same drives. How do I set up the script so that it uses whichever of the three sets are the current drive? Right now, I have three backup sets, one on each drive and they are rotated weekly. When the script runs however, the user is prompted to choose a new backup set. This situation precludes me from running the backup in an unattended mode, if you have any ideas on how I can fix this, they would be greatly appreciated.

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