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Folder Name Starts with a Space Character

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Maybe this will help someone. I discovered that Retrospect 5.0 (OS 9.2) will crash, giving "Error Type 3" if you try to backup a subvolume whose name starts with a space character. This is 100% repeatable. The only solution I have found is to rename the folder/subvolume.

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I tried to reproduce this on my computer (running OS 9.2.2) and a co-worker's computer (running 9.0.4) by doing the following:




1. Create a folder on the desktop called " test" (one space before the "test"), and drag a few small junk files into it.


2. Launch Retrospect (5.0.201 and 5.0.205) and go to Immediate Backup.


3. For sources, define that folder.


4. Create a new file backup set.


5. Click "Backup"




Retrospect scanned and backed up the folder and files within without any problem.




Have you tried a new backup set? What is different about the steps that you are taking to reproduce the error? Can you reproduce this on another computer?








Irena Solomon


Dantz Tech Support

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