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Backup To Disk using 2.6 Terabyte volume


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I'd like to use Retrospect (Windows) to do week long incremental backups to a hard drive based volume. The destination volume would be about 2.6 terabytes. Are there any limitations with backing up to a disk volume of that size? (This would not be a File backup set, rather a Disk backup set) I plan on filling it near capacity each week.


In other words, I will be backing up over 2TB of data to a 2.6TB volume. I'm currently using 6.0 Multiserver on Windows. If this version does have limitations, does the latest version have the same limitations of have they been removed?

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I believe Retrospect 6 has a 1 terrabyte limit on backup sets but should not have trouble with the volumes.


Retrospect 7 does not have any practical limitations in this regard. Max backup set size is 1 Petabyte = 1000 Terabytes.


The real bonus with Retrospect 7 is that you could use grooming to clean out old data. That means you won't have to run those huge full backups every week. You can just continue to run incrementals and get rid of the stuff you don't need.




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