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Drives not recognized in Configure>Devices


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Retrospect Express 6.5.342 came with a Western Digital Dual Combo external drive. I installed the software on a Dell XPS600 Media Center with a Philips DVD+-RW DVD8701 drive. Although both the External drive and the DVD burner appear in the Source Selection window (and in Windows Explorer), neither of them appear in the Storage Devices window under Configure. The DVD burner reads a CD (computer is new so I haven't done anything else with it.) I called Dell and the tech said the DVD drive is recognized by Windows XP and it appears to work, so it's not their problem. If I'm going to burn backups to DVDs, I need to configure the drive--so how can I get the drive recognized?


By the way, the other four removeable media drives (for SD cards etc.) are recognized and thus appear under the Status Tab of the Storage Devices window, but the Environment Tab says "No storage devices found." I clicked the Refresh button to no avail. What else can I do?

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