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Retrospect 7 intermittantly not reading CD-RW info at disc insert w/ Plextor 716A

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Unusual, and slightly annoying, behavior with v. 7 and a Plextor 716A internal drive, firmware 1.09 (most recent), running on Win 98SE (all patches applied). Media: Memorex High Speed CD-RW disks, up to 12x, brand new for first v. 7 backup. Comparative use with likewise new Verbatim CD-RW disks, 1x-4x, also showed the same behavior.


What Happens:

Upon inserting a CD-RW to which backup information has already been written by Retrospect, the program will fail to "see" the disk in question, and the Plextor will go into a loop of spinning up, stopping, spinning up, stopping. There is no rhyme or reason to which disks receive such a response, and none of them that have elicited such behavior have shown errors or problems or been unreadable through Windows Explorer.


What I Do:

Simple solution, but as I said, a bit annoying: I open the Plextor drive, then close it, wait to see if the problem persists or resolves, and repeat as necessary.


This isn't a problem that is critical, but it's sure dang unusual, since no other application on my system has difficulty reading disk information from the Plextor. It's almost as if there's a communication error occurring between Retrospect and the Plextor, that the software is really not registering what the Plextor is sending it. I'm wondering if anyone else has seen this behavior, and/or if there's any kind of tweak possible to encourage Retrospect to be more "attentive."


I should mention that this is an older machine, running an Athlon 700Mhz, but the base system components don't seem to be an issue in this AFAICS.


Thanks in advance for any replies --



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