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Newer Files Overwritten


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Need help finding newer files on backup drive.

I successfully performed a full backup a month or so ago. Since that time I had a motherboard fail and during the down time a number of individual files were written directly to the backup drive from a second computer (user did not utilize the local C: drive for working files). Not completely aware of this, I performed another full backup recently from the repaired computer and fear that I deleted or overwrote the newer files. Does Retrospect completely delete ALL files prior to a backup? I thought it preserved existing unchanged files (and newer files not on drive to be backed up) but I cannot find any record of the newer files. ?! I've tried a number of searches, etc. to try and find the newer files, but to no avail. Is there any snapshot or embedded data or ? for all of those newer files? Thanks for any assistance.

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The snapshot creates an image of the computer as it was at the time of backup. When you restore from a snapshot the machine is returned to that state.


What snapshot have you chosen to restore from?


What version of Retrospect and OS are you using?




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I sure appreciate your assistance and willingness to help.

I'm utilizing Retrospect Express 6.5.342 on Windows XP Home.

I use the "Duplicate" option in Retrospect which scans both the source and destination drives BEFORE making the backup and (I thought) should have recognized that newer files and folders existed on the DESTINATION drive but not on the SOURCE drive. This is backwards from normal, I realize, but this is my dilemma...I thought Retrospect would find and preserve the newer files already on the DESTINATION (backup) drive (files that never even existed on the SOURCE drive).

As I mentioned originally, I don't find any record of the newer files on the DESTINATION (backup) drive. I've tried a number of file search and file retrieval software packages, but to no avail. I cannot find record of the newer files/folders that once existed ONLY on my backup drive.

So no snapshot, per se. Is there not a data file, embedded or compressed or ? that would possibly contain those newer files/folders?

Thanks for your time and help!

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