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Before and after

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yesterday we bought Server Backup. Before we worked with Veritas 8.6.


In Veritas it was very easy for me to make the program do this:


E:\TurboMed\Programm\tmadmin /beginbackup /server=osterberg /logfile=c:\tmadmin.log




before starting the backup. It closes oure database.




When finished with the Backup the program startet:




E:\TurboMed\Programm\tmadmin /endbackup /server=osterberg /logfile=c:\tmadmin.log




So, it was very easy. I just had to type it in "do before" and "do after".


And now I have the roblem that it is not possible in Dantz software.




What can I do but pray?


Can someone tell me?




Thank you, Kai



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