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Ikebana Fireburner

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I bought an Ikebana Fireburner (16x10x40x). It's a Sony CRX1611drive. It came with Retrospect Express Lite. I already haveRetrospect Express installed. Under the Config->Drives menu, I see that Retrospect sees the drive. When I place media in the tray (16x media), Retrospect says the media is "incompatible" and places a lock next to the media icon.




I tried burning a disc with Toast and that worked like a charm.




Why is this ? I know the Sony drive isn't in the compatibility list. I haven't tried installing their Lite version of Retrospect. Would there be a resource take from the Lite version and install into the Express ?




I tried this under both OS 9.2 and OS X.1.4




B/W G3 400 MHz


Retrospect Express 5.x


Toast 5.x


OS 9.2 and X.1.4



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They had shipped Retrospect with this drive. BUT this drive is not yet supported. We are working with them to fix this issue. I am sorry that you were caught in the middle. Feel free to call them if you have concerns. We are working diligently with them to get this drive supported.




Currently they have since removed the Retrospect CD from shipment, I believe.



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