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Read/Convert backups from OmniGroup Backup

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Last weekend we finally dared to switch our main server machine from Mac OS X Server 1.2 (the first Nextstep based server solution) to the current Mac OS X Server 10.1.4. With that change, we also had to switch our backup software from the discontinued OmniGroup Backup to Retrospect Workgroup.




We currently have data backups and archives going back for two years on DDS-3 Tapes written by OmniGroup Backup. What would be the best way to transfer this data to Retrospect readable format, and is there any chance Retrospect could be teached in a future version to read those tapes?




I think if Retrospect would support reading of foreign tape formats, it would make former users of OmniGroup Backup (and other solutions) very happy, and help to sell them on switching their servers to use Retrospect.

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