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Retrospect client starting on its own?


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Hi, this one's a little weird. Been upgrading people's systems here, with XPSP2 notebooks, and backups themselves are running just fine. One user called me today, and noticed that retroclient.exe was taking up 99% CPU, 4 hours after his backup completed successfully. He or I don't know if it was racing since the backup completed, but he was using the system since then, and it wasn't grinding until hours after the backup took place (so he says - I have no reason to disbelieve him).


Are there any caveats running the latest 6.x [server|Client|Driver] with XP Pro SP2 boxes? Is there any reason that the server would have contacted the client so soon after a successful proactive backup, and thus raced the client? I'm not really sure what else to ask here, but thanks for any input.

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