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Rorke AIT loader problem

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We upgraded our Retrospect Mac workgroup (4.3) to Retrospect 5.0 server to backup network clients with our Rorke AIT 1TB 4222 (20 slot, 1 drive, Qualstar autoloader).


Retrospect 4.3 with Advanced Kit have been working fine with Rorke equipment for more than a year.


Now with Retrospect 5.0 we have problem about managing autoloader.


In previous release (4.3) in Device Status we can see both Sony AIT drive and Qualstar Autoloader and we can select form the first pop-up menu all 20 AIT slots and manage them.


In the new release (5.0) the pop-up menu is dimmed and we can manage cartridges manually from library control panel.... really a pain.




Here are all data about our hardware:


- Macintosh G3 MT 300 Mhz


- System 9.2


- Adaptec 2940UW SCSI card


- Library SCSI ID: 2


- AIT Drive ID: 5.




Any suggestion?




Thank you.







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