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Retrospect 5 for OS X quits after login

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After logging in to Retrospect (RS) the RS splash screen shows briefly. RS then quits.




Description/possible cause:


RS did run on this configuration before, but after removing RS 5 (with installer), installing RS 5 preview, removing RS 5 preview (with uninstaller) and reinstalling RS 5 the mentioned symptom occurs. I've tried several remove/restart/remove preferences/install sequences. Apparantly some files aren't removed properly.






G3/350, 512 Mb, OS X 10.1.4




Excuse if this has been posted before, I searched several groups but did not find any references.



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Tried it, doesn't work. Is there any other place where Retrospect installs or changes something ?




I have my Users directory mounted on a seperate partition, might this be a problem ? I assume RS does not install any files there.




Another odd thing: during the installation, RS does not install the RetroRun folder in /Library/Startupitems though I'm sure it was there before. Is this because nothing is installed here untill you schedule something or should something be installed during installation ?




By the way, I appreciate your swift response(s) !




One last request - would I able to get a serial for the Preview ? I'm having trouble retrieving files from a backup I made with the Preview (I know, I shouldn't have trust the Preview) and I was hoping that using the original Preview for which I used to have a serial might do it. I am a registered user for RS Desktop.





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