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"not enough disk space to store this backup" error message


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this is the end of a rather long story, but bottom line is I can 'duplicate' files just fine, however whenever I attempt a 'comprehensive' backup, it runs for a few minutes, then this error message pops up, and it stops. It does create a restore point, but I don't think there is anything copied into the restore point.

My C drive reports 75% free space, and the new drive F (Maxtor external HD) also has MUCHO free space, but I continually get the error.

I've just removed and then reinstalled the Dantz program.

Just bought this program in August, tried using it then, immediately ran into problems due to my own ignorance, then moved, and am just now getting back to try to get it to work.

I have really tried MANY fixes. Hopefully someone out there has seen this error message and can give me the quick fix. Thanks - ANN

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Any chance you may have selected the wrong drive to save your data to? Can you reformat the external drive and run the Express HD setup again? Make sure you only select the internal hard drives as your backup source. Don't select the my computer item as that will backup items from the maxtor drive too.





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brilliant nate! that is exactly what I did the first go around back in August. When I attempted the initial backup, I didn't even have the Maxtor external turned on,(duh!) so the only choice I had was to backup the C drive TO the C drive, and that's what happened. (I have a totally good excuse for this but won't go into it just now.....) However, to make matters worse, after it'd run for a couple hours, the power went out. So, it never actually completed. but, the size of my used space had doubled. I've never been able to locate the duplicated C drive - have spoken to several knowledgeable computer users, Microsoft and Maxtor - lots of tries, but no luck. I finally just removed alot of music that had been taking up WAY too much space, and thought that would fix it.\ (when I first tried this, I had used 19.1 GB. Now, I only have 9 GB used space on my C drive)

And, yes I'm certain I'm only backing up the C drive to the F drive, and not the F drive Also.

The external has total space 189, free space 169.


Thank you! ANN

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