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519 errors

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I have the dreaded 519 error since upgrading to Retrospec 5.




I have retrospec 5 running on a 9600/300 Mac running OS 9.1




All of the clients give the 519 error.




All clients are G3 or G4 Macs.


Clients are running 9.1 or 9.2 Mac OS




I have gone to the windows 2000 server and pinged the clients Macs and have never had a single problem.




I have upgraded retrospec to 5.0.205 updater






The windows fileserver backs up fine. Mounted on the desktop using TCP/IP





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If all clients are getting a 519 error, this points to a problem with the computer that the application is running on. Can you try installing the application on another computer to test this? If not, go through some of the basic 519 troubleshooting. Be sure that, under OS X, the adapter you want to use with Retrospect is listed first in the Network Preferences pane.

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