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Tape Backup Set Confusion

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Hello, we just purchased Retrospect 7.0 Multi Server edition and are trying to set it up for full nightly backups to tape.


Retro 7.0 Multi Server

IOMega NAS 1.6T

Quantum LTO3 Tape Drive

2-week rotation of tapes (10 tapes total)


The goal is to back up our servers nightly to the NAS in an incremental fashion and do a full nightly backup to tape in the disk-to-disk-to-tape configuration. The first part appears to be working just fine, the incremental backups to disk are occurring, but this business with the tape backup set has me really confused.


First of all, do I need to have 10 different tape backup sets, one for each tape cartridge? My instincts said, "use one tape backup set and add all the tapes as members", but when I do this I only get incremental backups to tape. What do I choose for media action?


BTW-- I read the Disk-to-Disk-to-Tape whitepaper, but I'm still confused on how to set this up.


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Yes, you would need 10 backup sets with one tape each. I would name them:

Monday A, Monday B, Tuesday A , Tuesday B. Don't use numbers in the names because it gets really confusing.


You would also need to set up 10 snapshot transfer scripts. Make sure to set these to recycle the tape backup set.


Does that help?




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