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DR problems


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Hi, I am having some problems with DR for RS7 multi


Target is a Win2k3 server standard on an IBM x235 with raid 5, SP1 and all patches and fixes up to date.


I did a DR ISO (using the windows CD) from thew RS7 server


DR CD booted, proceed with format etc. but when it came to copying files (within the windows textmode), it keeps on telling me it can't copy the files from the CD.


I then proceeded to rebuild the server with the windows CD, installed RS7 client, readded the client on the RS7 server, did a rollback restore..... rebooted the target.


but this time it wont even boot, windows (textmode) will tell me it cant load trhe loaded and it will reboot.


I think its something to do with the RAID system/drivers.... It's an IBM Serveraid 5i


Please help... any similar experiences, tips, solutions etc?




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It was 5am when I did the restore that failed so I forgot the exact error msg.


Doing it again now (after some sleep) so I'll let you know if it pops up again.


Related questions:


1. is there a way to get RS7 to put the raid drivers on the iso? I had to use a driver floppy and F6 at windows textmode to get the driver loaded and recognise the array during the DR cd bootup.


2. The backup has all the SP's and fixes on it while the Win CD i used to make the DR cd is stock standard Win2k3 server standard with no SP. would this cause an issue? If so would it means I'll have to make a new windows CD with SP1 and fixes slipstreamed on it?


3. Just to throw another spanner in the works, the target machine is a Domain Controller....


Thanks in advance.



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I get this exact same certificate error. And this is with a brand new server, essentially nothing on it. I wanted to do an emergency restore test before implementing the server. I was going to try RS7 (I've got 6.5), but it seems that wouldn't help either. I wonder if a Windows service pack or update is messing with the Retrospect Helper certificate services restore? The Helper log is no help. It's either blank at one point, or has a "nothing to do" message when the restore is all done. The cert service will start, but the certs are not restored.

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lafong - I am going to start a new thread on the CA restore problem, may be you want to copy your post there as well.




Nate - got some more info regarding the DR CD:




1. The CD was obviously created from the snapshot of the machine, and its checked out good, I can see and access the contents.




2. There were no hardware changes




3. If I just let the CD boot, win2k3 setup won't recognise the raid array and install barfs out




4. If I use a driver floppy (pressing F6 at windows textmode setup) I can get it to recognise the array, but after the partition and format screens, it throws an error saying it can't find nfrdci04.dll on the CD. press enter to retry or esc to skip or quit the setup altogether. (this file is part of the raid driver package on the floppy)




5. If I press esc and skip, it keeps throwing the same error until I've gone through the entire driver suite's filenames.




6. then it copies ok and DR continues, windows then reboots into GUI mode then goes through its stuff on detecting hardware and things, then reboots again.




7. this time it only goes to the splash screen then a brief BSOD flash then reboots, over and over. the flah is too quick for me to catch the error.







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nate - more information still for the DR restore:


Now seeing the DR CD didn't work (see my earlier posts), I proceeded to rebuild a fresh OS, using the Windows server CD.


I did not bother installing any patches or Service Packs after the install, just installed the RS7 client.


deleted and re-added the client. did a rollback


rebooted the server, this is the message:






Windows could not start because of an error in the software.

Please report this problem as :

load needed DLLs for kernel.

Please contact your support person to report this problem.


If I install the SP1 to the clean OS, it seems to work (the snapshot is a SP1 OS)


any ideas?

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Yes, the Service Pack is key if things aren't going right. Theoretically installing the service pack isn't required but as you have seen not doing so can cause problems.


To create a DR CD make a slipstreamed boot CD of your Windows 2K3 disk that includes service pack 1. The procedure is outlined here:



Worst case scenario if the DR CD fails, install windows, perform service pack updates and then run the restore.


FWIW many RAID drivers get included in the Disaster Recovery but there are some that do not. I believe the way some drivers are written prevents Retrospect from using them automatically.




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Thanks nate.


Yes, installing windows freah then SP1 before restoring is the only way I have that works reliabily at the moment


Will get around to doing the slipstream CD sometime this week and have another DR test this weekend.


Will let you know if that was the only issue or if the RAID driver issue remains with SP1.


Thanks for the help!!

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