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Restore from duplicate backup

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Re: Version 5.6.127. I am having successful backups using the duplicate backup method as was recommended for me to use by a Dantz representative. I have been reading, but cannot locate information on how to restore from duplicate backups. I see the instructions for restoring from immediate backup files. It appears as though restore, on the immediate tab, is only allowing a restore from backup sets and not duplicates. There are no backup sets showing on the configuration backup list since duplication backup method is being used.




Currently, I have volume hard drive C set as a source to duplicate to destination subvolume C created on F external drive. And volume hard drive D is set as a source to duplicate to destination subvolume D on F drive also. I cannot figure out what steps I might be overlooking in understanding either backing up using the duplication method and if file sets are suppose to, automatically, be created with the duplication method and restoring from a duplication is done with file backup sets. I am under the impresion that file backup sets and duplication methods have no association and file backup sets are not needed to restore from a duplicate file backup. Please advise me.




Thanks your help.

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To restore from a duplicate - you do a duplicate.


If you duplicate A to B and want something from B to go back to A. Then you duplicate B to A.




Hope this helps! You can also just open your destination drive (say its' B in this example) and copy the folder over that you want. There is no catalog file with a duplicate.




File backupsets are used when you "backup". No backupset when you duplicate. Think of duplicate as a COPY of the files.





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Melissa, thank you for responding.






NOTE: Today, after I got off from work, I tried to call tech support about an hour prior to the time that the company closes regarding the above. After about 10 minutes of holding, someone disconnected me. I called back and was placed on hold for 10 more minutes; then someone answered and said he would transfer me to tech support. I was placed on hold, again, for about 45 more minutes as a recording continued to say please hold; a Dantz representative will be with you shortly, etc. After holding, long distance, for an additional 45 more minutes, I had to hang up. This is sad that there is no toll free phone support during the 30 day trial period, and after the trial the phone support incident fees are too costly and do not guarantee good and/or resolved support issues. This situation makes me wonder about the reliability of phone support service during and after the 30 day phone trial period. The written documentation for using Retrospect leaves customers with a lot of questions to be asked based on what I see in the forums. :-( .




However, I do appreciate these forums and the Dantz forum tech support persons for being very helpful. I really thank all of you for trying to be here to help us and for answering my questions as quickly as you have been doing. Again, thank you.








I see what you are saying about reverse the duplication process. But I am still unclear about how I would actually restore or replace my C drive using the duplicate method. Here is what I have done so far:




1. selected duplicate


2. under source, selected the C drive


3. for destination, created a subvolume folder on the Destination hard drive named "C drive"


4. then, duplicated source C to destination "C drive" folder on located on F drive.


The duplication process reported as successful.




You say to restore from a duplicate - do a duplicate. If I duplicate the C volume folder that is located on F back to the C drive, please explain the following:




a) How would the C drive actually get restored from the duplication, especially since the C drive contents are duplicated to a volume FOLDER on F drive?




B) Would I be duplicating back to C drive the whole C drive volume folder that is on the F drive, which will have a copy of the C drive contents in it?




c) When I perform the reverse process, the C drive becomes the destination drive. How would a folder containing the contents of my C drive in it be duplicated back to the C drive and this would restore the C drive?




Sorry for all these questions; but, I just do not see or understand the procedure for using a duplicate to restore or replace my hard drive. I wish there was a procedure written for using duplicates to restore or replace a hard drive just like all the documentation that is available for restoring using backup sets.




Please help me to understand how the duplication process really works after duplications are created and up to the point of where my system will be restored and ready to used. Thanks.



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Two things: first, Retrospect's support is pretty weak. I've been using Retrospect since BEFORE they charged for support, and I quit calling them long before they started charging, because the only thing I ever heard from them was "hmmm...have you tried adding more RAM" and "hmmm...sounds like SCSI communication problems to me." Bah.




Uh, in your case, if you do a Restore, you're not going to do a normal Restore; you're going to Restore an Entire Disk, which does *not* restore to a folder, like a normal restore, but, well, writes over the destination.




So, in order to do a restore, you need a working operating system, networking, and the Retrospect client installed on the destination for the restore. You'll connect to the client via the server, Restore the Disk, then restart the destination computer, and that's it.




You may end up having to reinstall one or two things, stuff that wasn't backed up properly or whatever, but otherwise, it works pretty well.

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KingMongo, thank you for replying and I do appreciate it. I am sorry to hear about your dissatisfaction with phone tech support. But, I must say that I have talked to Dantz's tech support several times and have been satisfied with their assistance; so, I am not dissatisfied with their actual support. Acutally, they have been very professional and courteous with me. I do apologize if I came across as complaining about their actual tech support which has not been a problem. I was just bit upset that, a few evenings ago, I called tech support, long distance, about an hour before they were due to close and was placed on hold for about a total of an hour and a half before I realized that I was not going to get any help that evening. Finally, I had to hang up due to charges were building up while I waited as long as I did. This phone situation is really no reflection on the tech support that I have been receiving when I actually have spoken to a technician.




I am sorry, KingMongo, but, I do not quite understand your response about "not doing a normal restore, etc" and "in order to do a restore, you need a working operating system, networking, and the Retrospect client installed on the destination for the restore. You'll connect to the client via the server, Restore the Disk, then restart the destination computer, and that's it". Since Dantz is helping me with trying to use their Retropect Express software, I would like to continue receiving their help as they have done so far. But, thanks for your input anyway.




Dantz Support (Melissa and others). Please accept my apology if I may have said anything offensively in the initial posting. I really did not mean to come across as sounding to degrade your tech support service, rather on the phone or in this forum. I was just upset about the phone call situation and needed to vent. So, I hope you will accept my apology and continue helping me as you have done in previous postings. Please forgive me if I may sound unknowlegeable about restoring a system. I am a novice with backing up and restoring computers, because I have never done this before. I think Retrospect Express is a good backup system software from what I have seen so far. Since I am trying to use Retrospect as my system backup tool, I just want to be well informed as to how to backup and restore so that this process will be done properly when and if I should have to do this with my preference of using your software.




So, again, please accept my apology and continue to help me to the best of your knowledge, and I believe you have a lot of it to share :-). Thanks.

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Ah, well, I'm not going to try and swing your opinion of Dantz's tech support one way or the other; I'm dissatisfied, but that's just my experience.




For the other, it appears that my advice re: restoring a disk would not apply to you.




I don't believe that the Express version has that functionality since the Server version does. It's one of the reasons that we got it.




Good luck.

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