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A Front-End Parent Server that Manages Child Servers


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I think that Retrospect is a great product and I have experienced significant ROI throughout the 10 years I have used it at a couple of Enterprise environments. Administration of multiple servers both locally and across the WAN has been difficult. One thought I have is to have a front-end parent Retrospect server that primarily manages backup accounts and directs processes or tasks to other child Retrospect servers. As an example I have 4 Retrospect servers at headquarters each running in proactive mode. At 8 simultaneous threads per server (my experience as been 6 threads without problems) I have in theory 32 simultaneous threads available to use, but if 1 of the servers is using all 6-8 threads then other systems get placed in line to backup on that server when I have many available threads on another server. So in a sense load balanced backups.


This is not easy to develop I'm sure and Retrospect has come a long way , but just my perspective on gaining productivity.



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