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Backup to a Network Volume

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I have been unable to reclocate a post I found a few months ago on how to back up to a FILE on a volume from another computer mounted on my desktop. (And how to set it up for Retrospect to automatically mount and backup in a script.) Here is my scenario:


Computer "A" - running Retrospect 5.0.238

OS 10.2.8, G4 400mhz - 512MB


Computer "B"

OS 10.2.8, G4 Dual 1G, 768Mb, 120Gb


Computer "C"

OS 9.2.2, G4 Dual 866?, 512Mb, 80Gb


From "A" I have full read/write privileges on computers "B" and "C" for normal finder based tasks, but I am unable to set up a File Backup Set on either. I get the following message:


Could not creat backup set "Backup Set A", error -5000 (server: no privileges)


Both "B" and "C" are set up properly as clients and perform other scripted backups just fine.


I just want a Retrospect script to access files from a client on the network, mount volume "B" or "C" (depending on the script) and then back up the client files to a File Backup Set on said volume. Sounds simple and I am probably missing something obvious. I am working on getting some external drives to run dirrectly from "A" which I think would solve more problems, but for now this is what I have to work with.


Thanks for your time,


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Check the Retrospect readme file. In OSX you need to set Retrospect to automound the volume.


You should know that a backup set stored on a file share is limited to 2GB max. This is a Mac OSX networking limitation. You need to upgrade all the way to Tiger to get around it.




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