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what dvd burner should i buy?

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Hey Guys,


I use Retrospect 6.5 and I am looking for a new dvd burner. I was informed that I can pickup my laptop tomorrow morning and that it wasnt the hard drive, only the dvd burner.


I have a few choices, and was wondering what ones you would choose. I couldnt find the model numbers and compatibilty information on the Retrospect website/.


Asus 1608P Beige/Black

Pioneer 110

Pioneer A09

LG 4163B

LG 4167B

LG 5163D External

Liteon 1693S

Liteon 1673SX External

Liteon 852SX External

Sony DRU800A (Retail Pack)

Sony DRU800UL External.


Im looking at getting the Sony DRU800UL external, it would be easiest for me because it means I wont have to spend the extra money getting an external case. I'm not really looking at spending the money to get retrospect 7.0 at this stage...


How can I be sure retrospect 7.0 will work with the sony external?


if someone could let me know asap that would be great.




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ok just bought the sony drx-800ul and i was configuring it using dvd-r media (which is what my backup is in, neccessary to retrieve files) and it says its not supported. great. retrospect is becoming more of a problem everday.


now when im using the dvd drive in the laptop its asked me insert and reinsert at least 5 dvd-r's so far... still doesnt work...


whats going on?

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hey nate,


it works now weirdly. i have a 16 member backup set on dvd-r mediums.. the sony drive works fine now... im rebuilding my catalogue file and its saying completed, 65 gig but i only just started it... 405mb per minutre and the time? is it just a display thing and should only say 65 mb?


yeh my previous drive (in the laptop) was custom configured and so was this sony...


if i get it right, once i rebuild the catalogue file i can then restore all files to my system from the backup set?


peace. rossco

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