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Header verify errors

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I have a problem with a customers server I have installed - The server is configured as follows -




PM G4 933 MacOS 10.1.4 Server/384MB RAM/ - It has a total of three hard disk installed - 75GB Apple Hard disk + 2 x 120GB Maxtor HD mirrored using Apple RAID software that appear on the desktop as a 100GB volume (called Server) - connected via an Acard PCI hard disk controller. It also has an Adaptec 29160 SCSI card that connects via an external 68pin to 68pin SCSI cable to a Sony AIT drive - SDX-D400C. I'm running Retrospect 5 Workgroup 5.0.205 and have updated the Adaptec drivers to 1.1.




Problem -


When I run the retrospect backup script to backup the server volume to the AIT drive it fails the verify with header errors. It copies all the data over to tape OK - but fails to verify the data on the tape. If I build a script to copy the server volume (RAID mirror) to the Apple 75GB hard disk - works fine. Copied and verified OK. 35GB of data backed up.




If I pull the AIT drive/Adaptec card/SCSI cable and AIT tapes out and bring it back to the office and install it into a PMG4 533 running 9.2.1 and Retrospect 4.3 Desktop - IT ALL WORKS FINE. Backs up and verifies without error. No changes to hardware config.




The only difference is I'm not running OS X and I'm not copying of a mirrored volume - oh and a different machine obviously .......




Is this hardware configuration (above) supported under Mac OS X?






Can anyone suggest a solution - or point me in a direction for help.



















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