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Error 206 - This is getting really frustrating...

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I only recently bought Retrospect Desktop - 5 days ago - and I can't use it at all. Every time I try to backup my mac and my network clients, it hoses my CDs and locks the computer.




I'm using good quality TDK CD's (not CDRWs) that haven't given me any problems in any other programs.




To avoid a lot of to-ing and fro-ing, I've included both the full details of the mac that's running Retrospect, plus the details of the error I'm getting, and the way I've configured my daily backup.





Software overview


Mac OS overview


System: Mac OS X 10.1.4 (5Q125)


Startup device


Name: PeptoLab00


Memory overview


Built-in memory: 256 MB


Number of empty RAM slots: 1 (DIMM1/J14)




Location Size Memory type






Video memory: 16 MB


Backside L2 cache: 256K


Hardware overview


Machine ID: 406


Model name:


Keyboard type: Apple Pro Keyboard


Processor info: PowerPC G3 (2.4)


Machine speed: 600 MHz


Production information


ROM revision:


Boot ROM version: 4.17f4

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...Damn, it cut if off! Here's the next bit...





Devices and Volumes


USB No devices found on this bus




output (Mitsumi Electric)


Product ID: 4098 ($1002)


Vendor: Apple Computer


Driver version: Not available


Driver name: Not available


Power (mA): 500 ($1f4)


Release number: 80.0


Serial number:


Mitsumi Electric


Product ID: 516 ($204): Apple Extended USB Keyboard


Vendor: Apple Computer


Driver version: Not available


Driver name: Not available


Power (mA): 250 ($fa)


Release number: 80.0


Serial number:




Product ID: 770 ($302): Apple Optical USB Mouse


Vendor: Apple Computer


Driver version: Not available


Driver name: Not available


Power (mA): 100 ($64)


Release number: 80.0


Serial number:


FireWire 80.0


No devices found on this bus




Display card


Card type: display


Card name: ATY,Rage128P2ks


Card model: ATY,Rage128Pro2


Card ROM #: 113-XXXXX-104


Card revision: 0


Card vendor ID: 1002


Ethernet address:


Hard drive


unit number 0


ata device type ata


device serial 5EF0QFCH


device revision 3.11


device model TheDFMTable




Size: 38.15 GB


Capacity: 40.94 GB




Volume format: Mac OS Extended (HFS+)


Capacity: 38.15 GB


Available: 23.42 GB


Percent full: 38


Write protected: No


Is being file shared: No




CD-RW (Apple disc burning:Supported)


unit number 1


ata device type atapi


device serial


device revision AH36


Product Identification CD-RW CW-7121


Vendor Identification MATSHITA











Non Apple Extensions:
































Non-apple (besides Retrospect) Applications:





IE 5.1.4


SharePoints version 2.0.3









The errors I'm seeing:





+ Normal backup using Daily Backup at 14/5/2002 4:17 PM


To backup set Daily Backup A…




- 14/5/2002 4:17:21 PM: Copying Users on PeptoLab 01…


14/5/2002 4:17:21 PM: Connected to PeptoLab 01


Trouble writing: “9-Daily Backup A” (4283636224), error 206 (drive reported a failure: dirty heads, bad media, etc.).


Additional error information for device "Panasonic CD-RW" [0:1],


Sense > 70 00 03 00 00 00 00 0a 00 00 00 00 0c 00 00 00 00 00




14/5/2002 5:04:08 PM: Execution stopped by operator.


Remaining: 7171 files, 1.2 GB


Completed: 0 files, zero KB


Performance: 0.0 MB/minute


Duration: 00:46:47 (00:00:48 idle/loading/preparing)




14/5/2002 5:04:08 PM: Execution stopped by operator.


Total duration: 00:46:47 (00:00:48 idle/loading/preparing)









My backup script options:




SELECTING: All files except cache




OPTIONS: Verification On


Data Compression (using ~compression filter)


Synchronise client clocks







Please, PLEASE help me! I don't want a refund for a product that's faulty (even if it is inexcusable after the Beta was made public for a couple of months and worked fine with my system) - I want a backup solution immediately. I need that peace of mind.

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Just a follow-up (this is rapidly becoming a 1 person thread!).




I have managed to backup up locally if the session doesn't need to change CDs midway through backup. I've also checked the members of my backup, and Retrospect seems to have included the files on the 'suspect' CD in the catalog files. Those files seem to be retrievable.




The 206 error seems to put the CD into a permanent 'spin' which Mac OS X can't resolve. Even a soft-reset from the side switch of my iMac won't fix it. I need to power down from the wall plug... wait 30 seconds then restart and it finally spits out the CD.




Hope this helps - has anyone at Dantz read this thread yet???

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