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Client rename & password change (suggestion)


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I've repeatedly "suggested" that their needs to be a way to rename clients while *at the client.* Having spent my weekend moving and renaming about 20 client stations (most by uninstalling the Retro client, renaming the machine & rebooting, then reinstalling the Retro client; the server was too far away and a was-is list would have been a pain) I want to bring that up again.


However, it also occurred to me that, most of the time, what I'm really trying to do is make the name of the Retro client match the name of the PC after the PC is renamed (based on its new location). So I'd like to suggest the following:


In an area protected by the the current Retrospect client password:


Name of client: Current_name

(*) = Use name of machine

( ) = Set name to [New Name]


Change password [ ]

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