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will it boot?

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I have used DUPLICATE to copy all the contents of my C: drive to a spare drive, volume label "2ndBOOT, including the SYSTEM.DAT and the USER.DAT files from the registry. In the event of a serious windows failure I would like to be able to disconnect the present c: drive and configure the 2ndBOOT drive as the "NEW" c: drive to effect an immediate restore of the c: drive and it's windows 98 configuration. I'm trying to avoid the hassel of reinstalling everything in windows everytime you have to load windows.




The 2ndBOOT drive is formatted with the system. All I would have to do to swap boot drives would be to disconnect the faulty c: drive, reconfigure the 2ndBOOT drive as the system boot drive. I guess my question is...... will the Retrospect 5.6 (Windows98) copy enough from the present C: drive to the 2ndBOOT drive under DUPLICATE to allow it to become the bootable drive in the system????




My system has an ABIT KT7A mainboard, a dual channel SCSI controller, managing 3 hard drives and a CDROM. Additional hardware is an EIDE cd burner and a EIDE DVD-CD drive. The SCSI controller also manages a Segate Python tape drive.

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