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Preface: I'm new to using Retrospect and backup software in general. Another guy in the office usually handles this, but is on vacation until next week. Keep that in mind when you reply, please!




I've created scripts for automated normal backup and am attemping to check them before automatic execution tonight after the close of business. Here's what I did:




Automate - Check - Select Script - Verify Media




Error Message Received:


"Media for Script is Unavailable. Writing to any tape that is erased or named 1-Server HD4"




The vacation guy told me that he prepared the new tapes for backup before he left, but I'm assuming that he did not name them correctly (I'm sure the tape in the drive is for HD4). If I erase the tape and let my script handle the automation based on the erased tape in the drive, will it automatically name it 1-Server HD4? Or is there a specific naming process that I need to go through in order to make sure my scripts will be running correctly based on the existing backup sets (created by the vacation guy)?




Thanks in advance for any help you can give!



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