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Setup -




5 ASIP Servers running OS 9.0.4 and ASIP 6.3.1. When backing up as a client using 4.3, once in a while one of these servers would lock up during backup. Now - each time I try to backup, each server locks shortly after the backup begins. Running 5.0.205 with 5.0.201 clients. Backup server is 9650/233 running OS 9.0.4. Backup to VXA Tape Drive - SCSI.




All 5 ASIP servers are running Macintosh Manager.




Note - I have another backup server - a BW G3 running OS 9.1 and with a VXA Firewire drive. It backs up my OS X Servers and one ASIP server drive with no problems.




I also have no problems when I only backup my data from those servers - the crash occurs when I attempt to backup the entire hard drive.







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Here are a few suggestions that may help this problem:




If you believe you already have sufficient RAM on your server, review the ASIP Administrator’s memory settings (General tab of Services settings in the Administrator application). AppleShare shows you the total RAM on the computer, as well as how much you have set to allow AppleShare to use. We recommend leaving 40 to 50 MB unused by AppleShare, or at least 50% more than the amount of RAM Retrospect requires.




Reduce traffic on the server during backups: Use the option in Retrospect scripts to "Lock out volumes during backup".




Restart the server after backups. Use Retrospect’s AppleShare lock-out feature to lock people out of volumes as they are backed up, and set Retrospect to restart when done in Special>Preferences>Unattended. (This will not work if you are using Backup Server, as Retrospect never quits if you enable Backup Server.)




Arrange for Find by Content indexing, virus scans, etc to occur at times other than when you have backups scheduled.





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Dantz has been investigating several problems that customers have reported when backing up an AppleShare IP server with Retrospect 5.0. Reported problems include:




1) The ASIP server crashes when Retrospect 5.0 autolaunches or is launched


from an alias.




2) The ASIP server crashes at the beginning of a backup with the Retrospect


5.0 client.




3) Retrospect returns "error 1 (unknown)" for some files backed up from an


ASIP server with the Retrospect 5.0 client.




Our investigation has revealed that these problems result from using Carbon APIs with AppleShare IP software. Problem #1 occurs when any Carbon application is launched from an alias, confirming our contention that it is not a Retrospect issue. Retrospect 5.0 uses HFS+ file system calls, as specified by Apple, which stimulate bugs in the AppleShare IP software,


resulting in Problems #2 and #3.




We have reported all of these problems to Apple, but Apple's development efforts are now focused on Mac OS X Server. Without a commitment by Apple to address these problems, we have no choice but to suggest that our customers consider replacing AppleShare IP with Mac OS X Server.








Dantz Development


Technical Support



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