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Online disk backukp to external offiste disk - Transfer last x days of snapshots?

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What I have done is create a large raid 5 disk store on my server to do backups to. I have set grooming to 10 days, and will adjust it outward to hold as many days as I can online and still have healthy amount of space. Where I am stuck is archiving/transferring to offsite storage.


Weekly I would like to archive ONLY the previous weeks backups from the online disk store (even though there may be 2 or 3 weeks worth of backups on it) to a couple of external hard drives. Is this possible? So far all I see is the ability to copy all snapshots, or only the active snapshot (which I assume means only what is necessary to restore from Friday of the previous week, and not any day from the previous week). Is there anyway to tell it to transfer x number of days worth of snapshots?





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Here is what I have come up with. Does anyone see a flaw or better way to do it?


Online backup

Backup set on Raid 5 with grooming set to 10. Runs Monday through Friday at 4:30pm. I will adjust grooming as I see how much capacity my raid setup will handle. Verify on, data compression on.


Offline backup

4 sets A-D. 2 disks, which should be enough for the weeks backups. Rotate out on a weekly basis. Friday, Monday - Thursday 11:59pm, transfer active snapshots. On Saturday it will take the longest, as it will essentially be a full copy. Mon- Fri will be faster as only copying changed files. Verify on, Data compression on. Remove offsite on Friday and replace with fresh offsite.


I see this giving us a month of online file recovery/server failure recovery and weekly offsite backups for disaster recovery, without using tapes.


I would preferrably like to just have a once weekly transfer of snapshots, but the only ways I can see to do it are all snapshots or active snapshots. Anyone know a way to do last 5 snapshots without scheduling nightly transfers as I have outlined above or manually selecting the snapshots to transfer?

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This sounds like a good strategy.


How big is the RAID and how big are the disks you are taking off site?


Is the RAID big enough to hold two backup sets with grooming set to "5". You can rotate between them each week. That way you could do entire backup set transfers to your offsite disks rather than just snapshot transfers. Backup set transfers will get all the snapshots in one go.




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That is probably a better idea, as I've found grooming does not seem to clear up as much space as I'd expect and I eventually run out of space. I was hoping I could just find a sweet spot for number of backups to keep that as long as I groomed it to that number once or twice a week I could essentially keep from having to recycle. But it doesn't seem to work that way. I seem to lose more and more space each day until grooming is not really effective anymore.



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