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DDS-4 drive Suggestions

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I am planning on switching to OSX in the next month or two and need some help chosing an external Ultra2 SCSI DDS-4 Tape Drive to start performing backups with.




I have a May 2000 G4/500 MHz with a factory installed Atto Express PCI pro UL2 card running an Atlas 10k 18WLS 18GB drive as my boot volume. I am assuming that since this is an Apple installed configuration that I should not have any problems with the SCSI card. Is this correct?




If so, could I get a suggestion or two as to what Ultra2 SCSI DDS-4 drive I should buy that will use my cards exrternal connector.




If my configuration is not supported, Can I get a few sugestions as to what an ideal settup would be?





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