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Overland Powerloader hangs due to retrospect ??? need help !

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Hi !


My Config : DELL 2650, Overland Powerloader LTO2 Library, Retrospect V6.5 Multi server (Value package), W2K Server Box


Since one week (roughly), I have a strange behaviour of the couple Retrospect / Powerloader :


After a while (the time changes almost every time), the Overland hangs ! There is no answer from it neither from its front panel nor retrospect. Retrospect wants to move media and wait for the library ... and if I look in the device settings, Retrospect tell me that there is nothing connected.


I have to reboot the server and the library to make thing work again !


I found something almost similar posted

Here in the forum (Adaptec 39160 connectivity problems) maybe it is the same issue ...


I can t remember if I changed something on the W2K driver before the issue happens. What I'm sure, is that last wednesday, I did it, thinking that this issue might come from there.


Thx for your help / advices !


Raphael. smile.gif


PS : I disabled the library in W2K device settings.

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This sounds like a communication problem to me. Check the basics - cables, terminators, SCSI IDs. I would try changing SCSI IDs to see if that helps.


In the Retrospect configure->devices->environment window does it say "devices visible using NT Passthrough" or "...ASPI"?




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Hi Nate !!!


Thx for your answer !


Retrospect configure->devices->environment window it says "Device visible using ASPI"


My problem is that all used to work (roughly) good since 3 weeks.


I will try your tips regarding SCSI configuration / ID but I think the probleme could come from the powerloader itself ...


Stay in touch !

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