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Volume restore fails on Red Hat

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We've been backing up our Linux server (Red Hat 9?) for a couple years now. But in the near future we are going to be collecting mission-critical data on it (research). Since we need to know that server can be safely restored, I'm attempting a volume restore on a laptop we have handy.


Things seem to be going swimmingly until I start the volume restore procedure, and once it scans the drive (I believe it's the target volume), it fails with a -519 network communication failed error. It seems to fail at different points in the scan, and it may have completed the scan once or twice.


We're using Retrospect 6.0 Multiserver on a Windows 2000 machine over a 1Gb network. The client on the target machine was downloaded from Dantz a couple of days ago.


I've tried recovering a folder containing several files onto the target computer and it worked fine.


Here are some issues I'm concerned about: Since the initial install of the Linux server was done by another employee and we can't find the install disks, I've downloaded a version that's close, but not the same for the restore machine. Sorry, I'm getting up to speed on Linux and don't have a wide knowledge base of the OS, but the original kernel is 2.4.20-30.9 and the target kernel is 2.4.20-8.


Also, I don't know how the original system had been set up. I have the correct root password, but the server has other accounts that I don't have passwords for.


The target computer has only a basic install, just enough to get it running and network connected.


Any ideas?

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Restoring the whole system will be tough. The difference in kernel versions is enough to foul up things. The hardware differences will also be an issue.


At very least you should be running the same kernel version and Glib version that you had at the time of the backup.


Restoring just data to a newly installed linux machine is not a problem at all. You can also restore the config files in /etc fairly easily too.




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