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any help with not backing up

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I think this is maybe common question but I could not find any solution. I have upgraded to Retrospect Server 5 then updated to Retrospect version 5.0.203. Now, retrospect just quits and says system crash or power failure. However, computer is okay no crash whatsoever or power failure. I have been trying to fix this problen for days and no success.




My specification: Mac G4 with 256 MB ram. 100 MB given to Retrospect. No other application is running.


Mac OS 9.2.2. DDS-3 DAT tape backup to 25 clients. Using Entrega SCSI to USB adapter between computer and tape drive.




Log shows nothing. Just says it was launched and then nothing.




I read that file or folder name limitation m,ay cause the problem but how can I find a file or folder longer names in 25 computers.




Can anybody help me?




Thanks in advance.







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