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Problem getting Differential backups working


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I've got a big problem with the 6.5 SQL Server agent. It's supposed to be doing differential backups of a database, but it's actually backing the whole database up every time.


The setup is Server A runs transactional Replication to Server B, and Server B runs a Dantz SQL agent to back up the database once a day (Belt and Braces effect). The agent is configured for differential backups, but it just backs up the whole database file every time, and since this is now a 28 Gigabyte database this is beginning to be a costly exercise in DVDs.


Is there a problem with the SQL Agent on 6.5? or can anyone think of a reason why it should refuse to do differential backups even though that is what the script tells it to do?

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With databases Retrospect relies on what the database calls a differential in order to run the backup. In other words, something else may be changing how the database reports what is a "full" backup and what is a "differential".


I wonder if your replication scheme isn't to blame for this...


One way to test:

Run a full backup of the SQL database. Immediately afterward run a differential. Is 28GB backed up both times?




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