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Desktop 5.0 not recognising clients

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I have just upgrade Retrospect Desktop 4.3 to version 5. I have also upgraded all of my clients, Mac & Windows, to the V5.xxx clients.


I can use Configure->Clients->Configure to access the clients using 4.3 and everything is OK, but when I try the same with Desktop 5.0 I get "Sorry, can't log in backup client".


Using the V5.0 license manager I see:


License Code Version Status


1234-456- 1.0 (too old)


4567-890- 1.0 (too old)




What's it mean "too old" I just updated the clients to V5.xxx and Version 4.3 is happy.


What do I need to do to get these license's to play with Retrospect Desktop V5 ??







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You've upgraded your application to 5.0, and you've upgraded the software on the clients to 5.0, but you need to have 5.0 licences to log in those clients. In other words, it sounds like you've only paid to upgrade the applciation, thus you can't use that "desktop" application to log in the other clients.




It might be better for you to select the Workgroup upgrade, which upgrades the application plus up to 20 client licenses. Customer Service can help you do this.




If I've misunderstood and you have purchased client license upgrades, you should have version 5 codes that you can put into the application to allow you to access these clients.

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