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Upgraded to Seagate Viper 200 - not recognised by 6.5

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I've been using Retorspect Pro 6.5 for a year with a Travan 10/20. I recently bought a SCSI interfaced Seagte Viper 200 LTO but it isn't recognised by Retropsect. I doesn't appear in the device list. It does however work fine with all other backup software available (I've tried Microsoft backup, BackupMyPC, Genie Backup manager, Novabackup all work fine). I'd like to carry on using Retrospect as I've already paid for it. Any suggestions?





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Make sure to disable any windows drivers (device manager) or other backup software drivers for the device. Retrospect has its own drivers. Other drivers will just get in the way.


Does the device show at all in the configure->devices->environment screen?




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