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Trouble Communicating Error

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Operating a certance external drive and imation travan tapes i am getting the Trouble Communicating error message. Trouble is, it is intermitent on tapes. I backed up a tape yesterday morning, used the same tape to test it later that day and then the error message came up. I have cleaned the heads, they were very dirty but are not now.


This is happening on more than one tape. It started all of a sudden. and has affected all tapes at some stage, as i said some work when they want to.


in the words of penelope pitstop HEYELP



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Yeah I have this problem too: Error 102 Trouble Communicating.




Sony AIT USB drive. Retrospect Multiserver 6.5. Open File Agent. Tried it in a P4 W2K3 server with 1.25GB ram, then a W2K3 P4 Xeon server with 2.5GB ram




I have replaced all the tapes




I have replaced the USB cable




I have tried it via a USB PCI card




The tape drive failed 3 weeks ago and I got a new one from Sony




Still happening.




I downloaded an eval of Veritas and had no problems.




I am backing up one local server and two remote servers. On the two remotes, I am backing up just a single NTBackup created backup file.




Remotes linked on 1000meg switched ethernet




If anybody can shed any light on this I will be a happy man.





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Try installing ASPI using the ASPIINST.EXE file located in the Retrospect program folder. You will need to reboot.


Afterward the configure->devices->environment screen will say "devices visible using ASPI". To change back to NT passthrough type CTRL + ALT + P + P at any screen in Retrospect and check the box that says "Use NT SCSI passthrough" under the execution heading.




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