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Error 1100 Script not proceeding


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I have Retro 6.5 running in three installations, each of three or fours PCs, backing up to a Linksys EF120 NAS. Each has run a progressive backup script succesfully on a daily basis for many months.


However, a user problem arose at one site, and I cannot get the installation back to function. Briefly, the backup script will run successfully when driven by the user. However, on scheduled backup, I get the following email notifications


>Can't access Backup Set Backup Set C, error -1100 (invalid handle)




>From Retrospect: Script "NEW" failed during automatic execution, error -1100 (invalid handle)


I have deleted all old scripts, backups an catalogues and created new ones. However, each time I get the same message.


I have scoured the Dantz support website for clues on error 1100 but there appear to be no suggestions.



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Just to add to this. I have rebuilt all the backups, scripts etc.


It runs fine under manual control.


In automatic mode, it runs fine the first time. Next time, autobackup reports the "error 1101" problem. Seems as if the script is not closing something before exiting.


Any possible help/explanation would be gratefully received.


An email to Dantz merely resulted in a demand for a fee several times bigger than the cost of the product!. If I cannot fix it, I will have to use another product, which is a shame because it seems to work well in other locations.



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