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Client and log reports "Can't track Volumes, error -557 ( transaction already complete)"


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When trying to access client on network ( v 6.0 Windows, with mixed SP2, 98 machines ( total 6 ) using client 6.0.x and one client 7.0.x ) can log on to client ( w/password ), synch clock, etc. - but when clicking the "Volumes" tab, get:


"Can't track Volumes, error -557 ( transaction already complete)".


I think I need to convince it that it really doesn't know anything about the volume, don't I?


Huh. Were to start?

Some file needs to be deleted ( or added? )..


Backround - could not see reliably client on an SP2 machine ( would show up then dissappear using 6.x client software, then installed client 7 softeware - saw it reliably, but cannot access volume ) ...


No helpful knowlege in KB searches...kinda stumped for now..



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