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    How to Test Rules?

    Nope, I didn't see any 'Preview' anything,,,
  2. jclark

    How to Test Rules?

    Sooo... where is this magical 'Preview' button/function? Anyone? Anyone? .... Bueller....?
  3. jclark

    send emails on errors only

    In Retrospect Preferences, select E-Mail, then check "Send e-mail for failure and Media requests"
  4. Yes - does anyone at Dantz know if a Linux ( Red Hat/Ubuntu/Fedora/etc. ) double click Client installer ever be built?
  5. jclark

    "Self Grooming" Media Set?

    Ahhh.... so. Looks like I must just keep upping the number of backups till I hit the end of a disk, then back it off... Thanks.
  6. jclark

    "Self Grooming" Media Set?

    Is there any way to determine how many backups have been done? That is, if I tell a script that I want it to backup to say 10 backups to a set, then groom, is there a way to look at the backups to determine how many backups have been done? This would be useful for determining how many backups to assign to a given size of Disk... Then one could set the grooming to 10 on a 500GB Disk, then look to see how many backups have been done, and calculate ( perhaps only roughly ) how many more backups can be assigned ( 10 now, huh? Looks like I could up it to 50! ), before it starts auto grooming... Anyway, is there any way to peek inside Retrospect Media Set to see how many have been done at any given point? jeff
  7. Email notification works just fine for me ( in test mode anyway ), but does not 'stick' when Retro is quit. Kinda pita to re-enter all info every time... Is this known bug or just me? Retro 8.1.148
  8. I have switched to hard drives for all backups now and it is working wonderfully. My question is that I wish to sell/give away my tape setup ( AIT II 4 slot Library and the Mac that connects to it ) - but I would like to xfer all my tapes to another ( prolly several ) to external storage hard drive(s) for long term storage. Can I do this ( read the old tape data ) within Retrospect, or do I need to get some software to be able to mount the tapes in the finder, and copy the data off to HD. But then, will I be able to read the Retrospect data from from/through Retrospect from the copied data...? I have Retro 6.1.230 jeff clark
  9. Yesss, I posted in the wrong form ( oops! ) Yes, running 10.5.6, Quad G5, 6.1.230. Currently backing to multiple HD's, but would like to get the data off a few of the tapes still laying atound. I guess that if I just re-create the catalog files to a hard drive, and keep Retrospect around, I ought to be able to peruse the data on the HD, and then copy a file I might be looking for to a different HD... gonna give that a try... Any way I would like to have on HD the moral equivilent of what I have now ( by way of copying from tape ->HD ) as to what I have now by running Retospect to current HD's... Doable?
  10. I don't know the *actual* cause of the problem, but the solution I've found that has worked 100% for me, is: Uninstall the client, reboot, then install the client again. jeff
  11. Quote: Hi. Are you comparing a Mac and a PC with about the same number of files and about the same age? I mean an old Mac with 300,000 files compared to a brand new hi-tech PC with just 50,000 files, who "wins"? After the scanning and backup of a PC, Retrospect has to build a "snapshot" which takes much longer than the scanning. Have you taken that time into the equation? Regards Lennart Yes - roughly equivilent hardware, and equivilent file numbers... It *seems* faster, though I haven't actually measured it. I shall at my next oppertunity. However, *perception* is very important - and it seems to be faster on Windoze... jeff
  12. I backup on Win and Mac, and windows sure scans a lot faster - I wonder what the difference is... ?? jeff
  13. I am also running ona G4 ( Dual 800 ), 10.4.3, and Dantz 6.1.126 w/RDU Works like a champ! jeff
  14. If uninstalling/reinstalling is an issue, the fix ought be that the Installer automagically provides this function - and this has been an issue sinnce OSX was first supported [ IIRC ]. When upgrading to the new Client, the Installer first un-installs the old client, reboots the Mac, then causes itsellf to launch on login, and has you push the Install button for the New Client. Then reboot. Whew! Would save us all a lot of typing on this board... jeff
  15. Mine was also exhibiting the 'Net Retry', and not behaving in such a way as to leave me warm and fuzzy. But, it was seen in the client window as "Responding", even though I couldnt configure it, I just left it on to do it's overnight backup, and I figgered I'd look at the log in the morning and slog on from there. Remoterd to the backup machine this morning, and WTF? The log was happy, the backup completed succesfully, and now the clents can be seen/configured... they just needed to sleep/play overnight to get themselves together... ? Anyway, It seems ( gulp! ) that all is well on the new Retrospect/Client front, and time to move on to other disasters... What will tonite's backup do? Stay tuned..... jeff ...crossing fingers...
  16. Well just to report back - all is well, with only the 'standard' errors extant. Four full backups ( two last Friday, Monday and Tuesday ) - and no elem - *** errors at all....backups completing....kernel not looping out to freeze-ville.... Thanks for the help! Life is less tense.... ( still gonna wait till the next dot release of Retro, before upgrading the backup mac to 10.4.x... ) jeff
  17. The read me's, as I read them, are unclear on the desirability of using which version of Retrospect to use with whiich combo of OS ( on the backup machine ), and the OS's of the clients. A Matrix could be handy, but what *I'm* interested in, is, ( of course ) my situation. All clients are 10.4.2, w/6.0.110. Backup machine is 10.3.9 using 6.0.212 with RDU 6.4.102 I am having many backup stopping errors [ Assertion check at "elem.c-816, 811, 821, 826" ] sprinkled liberally throughout the log ( and days & nights... ) Would there be any advantage to rolling back to 6.0.204 on the backup machine ( I had my first [Assertion check at <> ] back on 3/2/05 using .204 )? Or are these errors being generated by interaction with the client(s)? I am averse to updating the backup machine to 10.4.2 as the paucity of success stories is daunting..., but how much worse could it be? I am, however, always up for a little Science... I can muddle through, by constantly restarting the backup Mac, or Retrospect, or both and re-running the scripts, they eventually finish, but it's ( *has* ) becoming tedious... Any suggestions as to improve the situation? jeff
  18. Ok, I'll go back to .204 ... see what happens... jeff
  19. sometimes you have to put the mouse pointer just *exactly* so - correctly on the triangles, and click earnestly ( and not too fast! ), and wait - a second-and-a-half later, it will rotate, and disgorge it's secrets... jeff
  20. Well, I'll chime in - I get the "elem.c-816" errors as well, but they are almost all on the last client of the script ( 9 of 9 ) but not always, can disappear if I run the script again right away( or not ), are ~50%if I reboot in between, and,of course, don't reappear for 3 to 5 nights in a row then bam! are back again. Using Dual 800 G4, 10.3.9 on backup machine, 10.4.2 on all clients. Using latest Dantz software. jeff clark
  21. Well I had two machines ( 10.4.1 , now 10.4.2 ) that would launch the client, but not have them be on. I put up with this for a while, the decided to uninstall/reinstall the client - Poof! Both machines now start the client in the correct mode ( ON ) automagically. Am still backing up from a 10.3.9 machine.. jeff
  22. When trying to access client on network ( v 6.0 Windows, with mixed SP2, 98 machines ( total 6 ) using client 6.0.x and one client 7.0.x ) can log on to client ( w/password ), synch clock, etc. - but when clicking the "Volumes" tab, get: "Can't track Volumes, error -557 ( transaction already complete)". I think I need to convince it that it really doesn't know anything about the volume, don't I? Huh. Were to start? Some file needs to be deleted ( or added? ).. Backround - could not see reliably client on an SP2 machine ( would show up then dissappear using 6.x client software, then installed client 7 softeware - saw it reliably, but cannot access volume ) ... No helpful knowlege in KB searches...kinda stumped for now.. jeff
  23. That didn't do the trick - will call Support.. jeff
  24. I shall try that Tuesday, and report back. jeff