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Can't backup - Scripts error

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I'm new to Retrospect. Currently, we use Retrospect 7, with backup device of external hard drive. There are three servers we do backup from (EPI17, EPI13,EPI19) and the backup device is connected to EPI17, localdrive G. We use scripts to backup folders on three servers which run Small Busines Server 2003 and Disk-to-Disk.


the scripts work rarely. most of the time, they cause error and backup is unsuccessful. Here are the errors we get while backup each server. On EPI17, we get error "can't access volume User Folders on (G), error 1017 insufficient permissions". This error we get a lot, in all three servers. Also, error 1101 "Can't access volume User Folder on G, file/directory not found" and error 1102 "drive missing, unavailable". On EPI19, we get error "can't access volume User Folders on G, error 1116, can't access network volume", and error 1101, 1017. for EPI13, error1017, 1116 and 1102.


We can't figure out what cause those errors. Any help or suggestion would greatly be appreciated.



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In Settings->preferences->security enter the following in the "run Retrospect as" fields.


Username = Administrator of _the_computer_running_Retrospect_

Password = Corresponding password

Logon to = local machine name or domain name


I think this will clear things up.




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