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Help understanding selectors

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I'm new to Retrospect and I'm just setting up my selectors for the first time. (Retrospect 6.5)

I have a mixed mac (os9.x) and PC (win2k/xp/98) network and would like to back up all users documents contained in their 'my documents' and 'desktop' folders, plus some other folders containing important data, but nothing else (at the moment I'm just concentrating on the pc's whilst I build an understanding of selectors).


I tried th built in 'Documents' selector but it backed up too much stuff and the backup was still only half way through the next morning.


Here is what I have so far (screenshot) selectors9km.gif


Am I on the right track?


Thanks for any help you can offer.



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You don't need to add excludes and includes for the same files. Once you add an include rule anything that is not expressly included by a rule gets automatically excluded.


I try to build selectors using just include rules whenever possible. For fine tuning I use the "does not" condition in the includes section rather than add excludes.


In your case rather than reinvent the wheel I would do this:

Include selector is "documents"



Any stuff "documents" picks up that you don't need




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