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Oops, sorry, have another Q about Disaster Recovery

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I meant to ask this general question in a previous post, but forgot:


Using Retrospect ver 6.5.342. After a recent Win98SE crash, used the Disaster Recovery CD to restore and it worked fine. It was a real life saver!


The backup set on the disk was a couple months old, so once got the temp Win installed and back to the Restore box, I tried to find the last backup set I made a few days ago, Set A. The only Set A I could find was also too old. When browsed to my Maxtor external drive, it was there, but could not figure out how to get it, as it asked for a filename and nothing worked.


I don't understand why I could not find and/or use the latest one.


So, I did a Repair Catalog and finally got the last Set A OK, BUT, it took more than three hours to get this catalog done.


My 80 GB drive is partitioned into C: and D: drives, and I guess the catalogs are stored in the C: drive in My Documents. If I copied them into another folder on the D: drive, could I access them if ever need to restore again without having to do the catalog repair? Or, maybe store them on the Maxtor drive?


Any other suggestions to make restoring from the latest backup easier? Thanks.

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