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6.5 disaster recovery wizard - which snapshot(s) needed

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Hi All -


This is likely an older issue, but I can't find confirmation elsewhere.

Running the DR wizard, I pick the the Backup Set to see that the only

Snapshot showing by default is the latest Normal one.


For this server I run a Recycle each month, Normal daily and keep

snapshots. Clicking on the Add Snapshot button reveals the remainder

of this month's daily snapshots. So .... is it necessary to add _all_ of

the interim Snapshots and the earlier Recycle or will all magically be well

when I go to use the DR CD to restore this machine over the net?


Thanks, Nick..

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The snapshot you select to create the DR CD is referenced to figure out what drivers are required to get the machine running. As a result any snapshot will do. When you actually run the DR restore you will be able to choose any snapshot (restore point) to restore the machine to.




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