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Retrospect and Filevault issue

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I use both Retrospect and filevault and haven't had a problem. I am using the instructions on the website (do not back up sparse volumes, log into filevault accounts, tell retrospect to backup the filevault accounts (as separate volumes) and it has work well.


A few weeks ago my filevault account dissappeared from the backup list (was previously on as a separate volume) but it is being backed up as part of the local desktop container. Has their been a change in the way osx 10.3.9 deal with filevault that has affected retrospect. Had to do a restore about the same time as upgrading to 10.3.9 so don't know if either of these events affected things.


My fear is that this is an anomoly an retrospect will suddenly stop backing up my home folder and not tell me...

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