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Backup Strategy

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Can someone please advise on my backup strategy?


I have Retrospect 7.


I do a daily backup to my Western Digital Media Centre External Drive. I keep a copy of the last 14 backups so that the drive never becomes full


I want to do a monthly backup to DVD. Should I do a fresh back up every month with a new set of disks replacing the previous set or should I keep appending to the current set.


Also, I'd like to think about archivng some stuff. Should I archive to my local hard drive so that the (compressed) archive is included in the daily backup. Or should I archive to fresh DVD+R disk.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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First off - this is a good strategy.


If you want extra protection against media failure you should do monthly backups to a new backup set each time. Otherwise you can just use the same backup set and append new and changed data.


If you decide to archive I would make sure the data is copied two two different sets of backup. DVD media is far from perfect.




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