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Trouble Writing, Invalid Handle, Can't Access Network Volume

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I was a user of 6.5 and have just installed a trial of 7 single server license to test it out. I keep running into an issue where my backups fail after getting about 4% through the copy process. My source is a network location and my destination is a network location on another computer who's sole purpose is to save the backups of all the others. I beleive that everything is set up correctly because if it wasn't I wouldn't even get past the scanning portion. I thought it might be one of my network cards or ram but I tested them by doing some very large transfers between all three computers (source, backup, destination). I've looked for help in the Knowledge base and the forums but I can find very little information on the errors I'm receiving. (-1100 invalid handle, -102 trouble writing, -1116 can't access network volume)

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