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Exchange Server backup using Professional edition


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Will it be necessary to stop the Exchange Server during the duration of backing up the following folder on the server via Microsoft networking:


C:\Program Files\Exchsrvr\MDBDATA


and then restarting the services again when completed.


Are there any scripts available to automate that process?




p.s. Of course, ideally the client should acquire SBS edition, or single server with Exhange agent. In this case, they're neither interested in the mailbox-level backup feature, nor are they able to justify the expenses.

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They will need to stop the server. You would have to create an event handler script called locally on the backup machine in order to stop and start the exchange server automatically. Check the external scripts section of the Retrospect manual for more details. You'll have to know windows scripting pretty well to pull it off.


For the record - the extra expense now will be priceless if you ever have to restore the exchange server. Keep in mind that Exchange depends on active directory. Backing up only the Exchange databases is a great way to have no backup at all.




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