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Network Backup Speed

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I'm evaluating 7.0 Multiserver. We are currently using Verias BE 9.1 but are having a myriad of problems.


So far Retrospect has had no problems except that the backup speed is about half of what BE was (272mB/min vs 522mB/min ... 122GB backed up).


I'm using USB 2.0 hard drives connected to a WinXP Pro P3 800 w/ 256MB of ram (the same that BE ran on) as the backup computer. I am doing a new recycle backup over the network, one session and both computers are attached to the same gigabit switch. The computer being backed up is a Windows 2003 server. I am not using encryption or compression and not including the time it takes to generate a Snapshot which adds even more time to the backup.


Is there something else that may be making this slower? All hardware is the same as BE used, so I hope something in Retrospect can be tweaked to improve speed.


Any suggestions? I'd really like to make this work.

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