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OS X 10.3: Location of Retrospect Client configuration


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Where are the OS X Retrospect client configuration files stored on the workstation? In particular, the file that stores the name of the client itself. I know you set the name for the client remotely from the Retrospect Server application, but I am assuming the name for the Retrospect client is also stored locally on the workstation in a preference file somewhere.


We will be managing our workstations with a product called Radmind that can be used for rolling out updates, new configurations, etc. It works by ensuring all workstations match a "master client" at the file-system level. A bit like Norton Ghost on Windows.


I will need to exclude this file(s) so I doesn't get managed by Radmind, or else it will get replaced with a generic file that I assume would mean it loses its assigned name and won't be found by Retrospect Server.


Can anyone confirm where the file(s) is/are kept? Also, whether the problem I forsee above would actually happen? Would the server simply synchronise the client's name again when it next connects after a Radmind update?


Kind regards.

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